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                     Here you can order by sending an email of the C60 and other product you want to order .

You will then receive an email with a link to pay via IDEAL , PAYPAL or BANK.

  1. Select the table from the word "delivery" up to and including the email address at the
     bottom of the table. Then do
click and copy.

2. Then paste into the writing area of ​​your E-mail and complete the required fields.

delivery and / or invoice information.

102.5 mg C60 120 ml.  container (4oz).

Your full Name:
Street name:

Postal Code:
Fill in Pay Pal, Ideal, or Bank:
Amount of bottles C60 Avocado oil:

Amount of bottles C60 Coconut oil:
Amount of bottles C60 Olive oil:
Amount / pot Vitamin C 500 gram:
Amount / pot Vitamin C, 1 kg.:

Amount / dropperbottle D3, 50 ml :

Mail To:

*   There must be signed at moment of delevery.

The order will not be delivered to neighbors.

*   The bottles are sealed at the factory.

*   Returns as in the law on distance sales are not
    possible according to the hygiene clause.

You will receive an invoice back to the E-mail address where
     you did send the E-mail
from with a secure payment link.

*   This is a very secure way of payment for you as our webshop
    has no cookies and non of your private information will be
    on this server.

It cannot be more simple and secure and the order will be
   sent to you immediately after payment.
You will also receive a
  payment confirmation with Track & Trace code.