C60 Purple Power

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Increase your resistance, reduce diseases, prolong your life,
For 2 euro a day.

€ 82.50
113 ml bottle ( 4 oz ) with 103.5 mg C60
That's for one month
at 1 Teaspoon (4 ml) a day.

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C60 The new health revolution.
This product comes from a highly renowned certified laboratory in the
United States and is one of the most remarkable new findings of science.
  99.99% pure C60 in a carrier of organic biologic oil. There are three types
you can order and is now available, Take the best choice for you.

C60 increases energy and mental clarity. Improves mitochondrial function.
Reduces "Brainfog" Stimulates the optic nerve and reduces macular degeneration.
Protects against radiation and more!

In organic Avocado, Coconut, Olive oil 120ml € 82.50

4 ml per day and 10% discount with subscription makes it really affordable
and it is a means that you should take permanently for optimum results.

Tip: Swap this costs by not purchasing bad expensive things.
Such as Cake, Candy, Chips, Cola, Fries, Hamburgers, A lot of beer, etc.

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C60 is the active ingredient of Shungite which had already been mentioned in Ayurveda.


€ 82.50
120 ml bottle with 103.5 mg C60

113 ml of Advocado oil
Coconut oil or Olive oil
contains 102 mg of C60
That's for a month
with 1 Teaspoon (4 ml) per day.
Watch out for a lower amount of C60
per bottle or less pure fake product
which, unfortunately, are already in circulation.

The brand
Purple Power is:


<---------<-<     This is C60 in 113 ml bottle that does
                         not contain BPA.

Currently one of the most pure deliverable !
At this moment you can order it for € 82.50

This Product comes from the scientists who were working on it
  very early on and are renowed on the ladder of science.

C60 Purple Power is the company where this guaranteed pure product comes from and it is produced in a very reliable laboratory and also checked again the laboratory of purple power for purity and quality. The cap is factory sealed.

For maintenance of the body 1 teaspoon or 3-4 ml a day is recommended, and to relieve diseases can be 2-4 times that amount, so about 1 tablespoon per day normally.
You can also calculate what you want to spend per day.
With, for example, 30 teaspoons in a bottle, this extreme remedy comes to
approximately € 1,99 per day. So that is easy to manage.
Even if it was 1 cent more ....
C60 has a 172x stronger antioxidative
effect than vit. C, and it resets itself to go again and again..

With the attitude
to leave out some "less good things" and
 that way free up the money for this product is a good choice to
boost your overall health and really a ....
very pure health recommendation !

No side effects were observed with the use of C60.
A fatal dose could not be determined.

Through metastasis, (normalization) of many physical
metabolic processes it also normalizes the blood,
so if you use blood thinners the strength of
your blood thinner recipe might to be changed by your dokter.

It is therefore an absolutely safe natural product and improves overall health by eliminating a significant number of free radicals.
Free radicals are neutralized and converted into water.

The drug is fairly new and now only known by the
elite but the results and effects in humans are enormous.
It is revolutionary.

C stands for carbon (Carbon) and has 60 atoms as C60.
The body already contains a lot of normal carbon, so C60 is a natural element for the body. C60 was also involved in the
formation of life on earth.

The claim is that it protects Telomeres and Mitochondria
 and one can become healthier and therefore much older with it.
It improves DNA and signaling between the cell and its environment.
It stimulates the nerves.
It increases sports performance.
It gives more energy and cheerfulness.

60 atoms, count them to check.


(Bucky ball)